Hair removal for mens genitals

More and more men are embracing the smooth and comfortable feel of being hair free in their genital region. Not only does this feel better for some people, but many men also like the way it looks. Here are some of your options. 


Shaving can be one of the easiest hair removal options as many men already have shaving equipment close by for use on their face. It's important to have a dedicated razor for this process, and it should be a new, sharp razor so you can avoid getting uncomfortable shaving cuts. Make sure to leave plenty of time so that you are not rushed. Shaving can also lead to shaving rash and ingrown hair so be sure to use some gentle post shave lotion and keep the area dry and clean while your skin is recovering. 

Hair removal creams

Another common option is hair removal cream. As the hair is removed chemically, there is less chance of cuts and rashes, but some users can find themselves vulnerable to other reactions, particularly if they do not use a product that is specially designed for application on this area of delicate skin. There can also be a risk of ingrown hair so it's important to keep the area clean and exfoliated. 

 As men tend to have more heavy hair than women, it is a good idea to use a specialist product to make sure all of the hair is removed the first time. 


Waxing can be painful but has the advantage of being a relatively long-term hair removal option. There are waxing kits for use at home, but these can be challenging to try on your own and if used incorrectly they could lead to serious injury. Professional beauty technicians are very skilled at applying wax and can make the treatment as painless as possible, whilst making sure that every part of the area is hair free from every angle. While some people are embarrassed by the idea of being waxed by a stranger, the waxing technicians are professionals and regular deal with genitals of all shapes and sizes and are only interested in the best ways of removing the hair. 

If you want to make your genitals hair free and are not sure of the best option, or you don't feel comfortable trying any methods by yourself at home, consult with professionals at a hair removal clinic.