3 Types Of Hair Extensions For Short-Term Use

There are a number of hair extension options available, which can be overwhelming if you don't usually use extensions. So, what are your options if you want short-term hair extensions for going on holiday or attending a function, such as a wedding? Whether you want to add chemical-free colour highlights, thicken your hair or add volume, the following three types of hair extensions are ideal for short-term use:

Tape In

Tape in extensions take less than an hour to apply, are a good option for thin hair and use a new application method. Double-sided polyurethane tape is used to apply panels of hair that lie flat and are undetectable when sandwiched between your own hair. They add volume and don't use any heat, which minimises damage to your hair. Tape in extensions can be styled any way you want, but oil-based styling products should be avoided as they can damage the polyurethane tape. Additionally, the tape needs time to sure to ensure a strong bond is created, so you have to avoid getting your hair wet for a couple of days after having the extensions put in.

Glue In

Glue in extensions only last for a few days, but they are the least expensive extensions currently on the market. You can remove them yourself with an oil-based solvent or have them removed at a salon. The glue bonds the extensions to your natural hair, so some breakage can occur when they are being removed. Additionally, there's a small risk of your hair follicles becoming clogged with the glue, which could lead to a bacterial infection, so be sure to talk to your stylist about ways to prevent that from happening. Glue in extensions are ideal if you want to wear your hair down, as putting your hair up in certain styles can let the cat out of the bag and expose the extension panels.

Flip In

Flip in extensions are secured with small plastic clips that attach the extensions to sections of hair along your scalp and can be taken out before bedtime. These extensions are a good option if you've never had extensions before and aren't sure if you will like how you look with hair extensions. You can keep flip in extensions and clip them in whenever you feel like changing your look as long as you take care of them. Wash them as little as possible to prevent the hair drying out and use a wide tooth comb to minimise breakage.

Your stylist can make a recommendation based on your hair type, and if you're struggling to visualise the finished look, ask to see examples of different types of extensions before you commit to any one type.