Making your child's haircuts fun

Many children get nervous at the idea of going for a haircut. Not only do they need to sit still for a long time, but they also need to be touched by hair stylists that they may not know well, and many children don't enjoy the extra sensation of being sprayed with water sprays or the feel of clippers. Here are some ideas to make the process easier for everyone. 

Prepare for the experience

There are many children's books and TV shows that feature a character getting a haircut, and it can be useful to have some time reviewing these before you go in for your child's haircut. This gives your child some opportunity to prepare for the haircut and ask any questions that they may have. Often if you know about their specific concerns, you can work out ways to work around these issues and make the experience more comfortable for them. 

Head to a hair salon that specialises in children's haircuts

There are hair salons that specialise in offering haircuts for children that often include fun themed chairs, themed haircut capes to keep the hair off the children and entertainment options such as DVD players that play children's movies and TV shows. This can make the experience more comfortable and fun for your child and makes it easier for them to sit still during the haircut. You can ask your salon if they have any special equipment for children's haircuts or take them to one of these specialist salons. 

Request the same stylist each time

When you have found a hair stylist that your child is comfortable with and who gives them a great haircut, it's a good idea to request the same stylist each time. Getting a haircut is an intimate experience which involves someone using sharp objects near your face, so it can be much easier for your child to feel comfortable with someone they trust and who has given them good haircuts in the past. This rapport will build with each haircut, so this can be very helpful for children who are particularly nervous or reluctant to have a haircut. 

If you are finding it stressful to take your child for a haircut, it can be a good idea to look for some resources to help them, such as books that feature characters going for their haircuts. It's also a good idea to find a hair salon that specialises in kids haircuts and to ensure they get the same stylist each time.