Various Ways Men Can Contend With Hair Loss

A concern most men have as they age is when they will start to lose their hair. And although the severity of the baldness varies from one man to the next, hair loss is inevitable. Individuals that have inherited male pattern baldness are even more vulnerable to faster hair loss. If you would like to retain a semblance of the volume that you currently have, it would be imperative to take action the as soon as you notice that your hair has started thinning. From men's hair products online to medical treatments, below are some of the ways that you could contend with hair loss.

Invest in products containing minoxidil

One of the popular compounds used in the management of male pattern baldness is minoxidil. This compound functions to help you retain the current hair volume you have and could even aid in some regrowth of your hair. The products are applied topically to the scalp, and the compound works to increase the nutrients and oxygen that your hair follicles receive. Minoxidil is usually incorporated into liquid hair products, but you may find that in this state it can increase the accumulation of grease in your hair. An alternative that you could consider is products that are in the form of foam, as these would absorb into the scalp easier and will not coat your hair with excess oil.

Buy a laser hair wand

Another new-age product that can be used to combat hair loss is laser devices. These laser hair wands facilitate anti-oxidation in your hair follicles. The healthier your hair follicles, the better chance they have of growing healthy hair too! Routine use of the wand should be able to increase the density of your hair, making it look thick. However, this does not directly translate into increased length. Therefore, the laser wands are best suited if you want thicker hair rather than longer hair.

Use shampoo containing ketoconazole

One thing to note about healthy hair growth is that it is directly related to a healthy scalp. If you are not shampooing your scalp regularly, grime will block your hair follicles, and this will subsequently impede hair growth. When in search of men's hair products online, select shampoos that contain the compound ketoconazole. This ingredient functions to prevent dandruff but is also known to work as an anti-androgen. The ketoconazole stops the formation of dihydrotestosterone and thus minimises the shrinkage of your hair follicles.