3 Types Of Hair Extensions For Short-Term Use

There are a number of hair extension options available, which can be overwhelming if you don't usually use extensions. So, what are your options if you want short-term hair extensions for going on holiday or attending a function, such as a wedding? Whether you want to add chemical-free colour highlights, thicken your hair or add volume, the following three types of hair extensions are ideal for short-term use: Tape In [Read More]

Hair removal for mens genitals

More and more men are embracing the smooth and comfortable feel of being hair free in their genital region. Not only does this feel better for some people, but many men also like the way it looks. Here are some of your options.  Shaving Shaving can be one of the easiest hair removal options as many men already have shaving equipment close by for use on their face. It's important to have a dedicated razor for this process, and it should be a new, sharp razor so you can avoid getting uncomfortable shaving cuts. [Read More]